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Image © Hildesheim, St Godehard
Psalm: 105
Kunst: A careful examination of seepage and staining on this page reveals some information about the area of the patch on the recto, p285. Strong back-lighting does not show any traces of an image beneath the patch. Colour stain in the area of the p285 painted initial is very slight, but the green of the caption is strongly pronounced. The word 'Parce'' is even legible in reverse. This suggest the illumination was painted and dried before the patch was stuck in, while the caption was written afterwards, so the wet ink seeped through. (The red E and blue O etc. down the right margin are transferred from p287.) The strength of this green ink seep, through four surfaces, can be compared with writing in the calendar quire. P16 clearly shows the writing from its recto, p15, but there is no evidence of p13 text, four surfaces away, on p16.
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