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This project is sponsored by grants from the Arts and Humanities Research Board of Great Britain, and from the Faculty of Arts and Divinity, Aberdeen University. The project, managed by Jane Geddes, was organised under the auspices of Aberdeen University, Scotland.

The St Albans Psalter, owned by St Godehard's Church, Hildesheim, is reproduced by kind permission of the Catholic Congregation of St Godehard. The K?ln leaf is reproduced by permission of the Rheinisches Bildarchiv, K?ln. This project could not have gone ahead without generous assistance from Dr Joachim Bepler, librarian of Dombibliothek, Hildesheim and Pastor Winifred Henze, parish priest of St Godehard's church.

The manuscript was photographed at the Dombibliothek, Hildesheim by Dr Ulrich Knapp. Digitisation was carried out by Sky Photographic, London and Fotocentrum, Hanover. The web site was created by Michael Arnott and Kim Downie of Aberdeen University.

The academic content of the web site has been shared by several scholars. Kristine Haney provided the Latin transcription of the psalms. Sue Niebrzydowski transcribed and translated into English the calendar, canticles, litany, collects. She also translated all the psalms into English. Patrick Edwards transcribed and translated into English the Letter of Pope Gregory, the Emmaus text, and the Discourse on Good and Evil. Margaret Jubb transcribed and translated into English the French texts of the Chanson of St Alexis and the Letter of Pope Gregory.

Gundula Sharman translated the entire text of the St Albans book and all the accompanying commentaries into German. Lena Nievers provided German language assistance.

Jane Geddes supplied page-by-page commmentaries on the art. The essay on the Life of St Alexis was written by Margaret Jubb; Sue Niebrzydowski provided comment on the canticles and collects; the remaining essays analysing the book, its art, codicology and context were written by Jane Geddes.

Published sources are acknowledged in the texts. Michael P?cht, Mrs Dodwell and Elizabeth Yeo kindly gave permission for extensive use to be made of material from The St Albans Psalter, by Otto P?cht, C.R.Dodwell and Francis Wormald (Warburg Institute, London, 1960). Nicholas Orchard, Peter Kidd, George Henderson, Sandy Heslop, Kristine Haney and Michael Kauffmann supplied valuable comments for discussion. Patrick Edwards and Jane Stevenson patiently answered endless questions about the Latin text.

The late Christopher Hohler, whose classes about the St Albans Psalter at the Courtauld Institute were legendary, left a set of minutely scrawled, provocative notes on the subject. They were the inspiration behind this entire project. Erla Hohler kindly allowed these notes to be used.

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